Strength Camp’s Sunset Yoga on the Beach

Hey there, Strength Campers! Want to know (one of the things) I love the most about Strength Camp? The community. The fact that we spend most of our week together, but also get together on the weekends to unwind -- whether that's at a house party, celebrating a birthday, or enjoying a sunset together on [...]

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Are You Ready to Get SAVAGE?

Hey Strength Camp Kings and Queens! We’ve been hustling day in and day out to become the strongest version of ourselves – climbing and slamming ropes, flipping tires, pushing sleds and prowlers, carrying kegs. We squat. We press. We deadlift. With every rep and every set, we’re becoming strong, powerful machines that are prepared to [...]

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TOMORROW – Party it Up for Strength Camp’s Anniversary

Hey Strength Camp Studs! One year ago this month Strength Camp went from a tiny little space on Haines Rd. to our awesome new 8,000 sq ft headquarters that YOU visit every week. Congratulations! We did it.... so, let's party :) Here's the deal: Tomorrow at 2pm -- you, me and all of our sexy, [...]

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Keep it Simple

Franco keeping it simple in '71 I just finished an article by the original Underground Strength Coach Zac Even-Esh and it go me pretty fired up. Here is the link for all those interested. It is worth the read. http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/dont-know-bodybuilding/ The over arching theme was how to work bodybuilding techniques into conditioning workouts [...]

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