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Strength Camp Performance Clinic

The original, no ­frills, anything goes Strength Camp Clinic, where we open our doors to YOU and share our knowledge. This hands ­on workshop will give you the skills to train yourself and others in a safe and effective way. It is your all­ access pass into our gym, and your best shot at getting any training ­related questions you have answered. Over the course of two days, you will learn the methods, cues, and habits we implement in helping ourselves and our athletes achieve maximum athletic potential.

Clinic Objectives

Attendants will leave the clinic with the know­ how to safely execute basic compound lifts, correct muscular tightness and imbalances, and design effective workout programs for themselves and/or their clients.

In addition to the skills attendants will acquire during this two ­day clinic, they will be introduced to many new ideas and like­minded people who may further support them in growing stronger.

Who teaches it?

Elliott Hulse and Chris Barnard are the primary instructors. However, we also bring in guest speakers from time to time, depending on the audience and focus of the clinic.

Who’s Welcome?

Our performance clinic is open to anyone who is motivated to achieve their athletic potential and/or train others to do the same. We believe that if you are serious about growing stronger, you will find what you are looking for with us.

What to Expect?

Based on our past clinics, here are a few things you can anticipate, Get ready to…

  • Learn the process of identifying muscle imbalances and how to implement corrective stretching and Prehab
  • Full Dynamic Warmup and our transition into low level plyometrics to obtain Structural Integrity
  • Discover the process and progression of Speed and Plyometrics Coach Chris injects into his athletes.
  • Dive into the basic compound barbell lifts with coaching and great attention to detail.
  • Finish with odd object and Strongman training that has placed Strength Camp on the map

Clinics Schedule is TBA

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