In Season Football Strength Training Program Design

Thanks for all of the cool ideas and feedback about in-season training for football! Its pretty clear to me that many of you are true professionals that really take the time to understand the physical demands of the sport you are training AND make it a priority to educate yourselves on the science and application of sports strength and conditioning.

One coach that has really helped me to understand the bio mechanics of sports based movement is Eric Cressey.

All of Eric’s books, DVDs, and presentations seem to shed light upon some of the most overlooked aspects of training… and his new program The Show & Go Performance System is no different, in fact it’s better than some of his other books because he really makes some of the more advanced concepts very applicable for coaches and athletes who are “in the trenches”

I think he may be offering it this week for a few bucks off, might be worth a look if you are into designing high quality strength and conditioning programs.

=> CLICK HERE to take a look at his website.

Well, I promised that I’d tell you my thoughts on designing in season strength programs for athletes… so I made the following video for ya!

Let me know if it is helpful or if you have any questions.

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  1. posted by Aaron on September 22, 2010


    What do you do for rotor and elbow injuries/ strains?



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